Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Without a strategy, betting on football can be a game of chance. Now we may be a little bias (not in our betting selections but in the endorsement of our service) but we believe a strategy using statistics with no bias is the only one you need.

Why do we think this? Let us tell you our opinion (again, only to put this into context), two of your friends offer you their predictions for a match this weekend but they have both used a very different approach.

One friend had spoken to a group of his mates and the manager of the local betting shop, he’s gathered multiple opinions and used his own knowledge on player performance and the weather for the weekend.

The other has used only facts and figures, identifying connections between variables from multiple match outcomes.

When an opinion is formed from bias there is no source of truth, whereas facts are facts and based on what actually took place. At Stats Profit we like the concrete unambiguous nature of data and facts, so do a lot of other football betting services but from what we found they include bias too. Now that’s like putting a very pure needle in a huge impure haystack.

Back to the two friends, Stats Profit is your friend no.2 using a statistical model with no bias and selecting only value bets. We’re confident in our approach and that’s because we have the facts to prove it. With an 80% strike rate and average winning odds of 1.42, why not take a look yourself here.

Stats Profit helps you to place your bets smarter using only facts, you can receive our weekly insider tips straight to your inbox. So what are you waiting for, request your membership today.

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