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'Everyday you spend investing, is a day less of working' - Anon

Investing is to put money into something, with the expectancy of a profit.

This act of 'putting money to work' has yielded some of the wealthiest people on our earth.

Traditionally, the most common investments have been in real estate, however, the world we live in has opened up and provided several more opportunities to invest, primarily in the financial sector. The art of investing has diversified, and become more available for those with savings or capital they wish to put to work.

Stats Profit requires a minimum investment of £2,500.

Within the investing world, this is a relatively small starting balance...

But the beauty of Stats Profit, is that after almost 6 years of results, the initial £2,500 proves to deliver excellent results.

Check out the Risk V Reward Example, that breaks down YOUR investment!


  • Low Risk - 5%

  • Average Winning Odds - 1.22

  • ROI - Up To 54% (after member fees)

Stats Profit members follow our money management system, that keeps the risk low whilst yielding the best possible return over the investment term.

The Stats Man Says ....

Hear from Stats Profit founder, Ewen Moore.

'Investing can be scary for people who are new to it. You come across so many stories online where people have been sold dud investment products, someone has ran off with all their money, you can only make money if you have money and many more. The internet is filled with conmen, scammers, rogue traders, boiler rooms, etc. but let’s not forget there are some genuine people and companies out there too.'

'The truth is, no investment is 100% safe, not even with the banks! The best position you could be in, is one where you are in full control of your money, see what’s happening at any stage, and be confident that you’re not going to wake up one day to an empty bank balance.'

Tips on finding the RIGHT investment for you!

  1. Know the person in charge – who is the person behind the investment? They shouldn’t be hidden if the investment is legit. They should be willing to answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease.

  2. Understand how the money is generated – very important! Some people don’t care and just want to see the end result. But if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Understand from the person in charge exactly how the money is generated throughout your investment period.

  3. Be fully aware of timescales (exit strategy) – know roughly what returns to expect and when. Look at past performances of previous investments, understand the average return, and also be clear on the time you need to be in the investment for in order to reap the rewards.

  4. Be fully aware of the risk – understand the risk involved, what happens if you need instant access to your funds, early withdrawal penalties, the chance of your money being lost, where it is held etc.

  5. Happy with everything – give it a try, be patient, stay in it for the agreed time period, and only assess the performance at the end of the investment term.

  6. Re-invest your profits! If it worked well for you the first time round, wouldn’t you want to do it again and again?

'Like I said earlier, investing is not for everyone and for those people who like investing, not every investor likes the same investments. Look at Dragon’s Den for example. All of the panel are investors, but rarely do they invest in the same people. It’s what make us unique. If the potential reward outweighs the risk, and you truly believe in it, sometimes you just got to get a foot in the door first!'

Would you like to learn more about Stats Profit?

Would you like to put your capital to work?

Are you looking at getting involved with investments and building another income stream?






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