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Elevate Your Profits with our Innovative Football Trading Approach

Low-Risk, Long Term Profitability

Are you ready to step into a new era of football betting success?


Say hello to our game-changing approach at Stats Profit, where we've transformed traditional betting into a dynamic, results-driven investment strategy.

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge statistical modelling and algorithms, we predict the probability of home wins across 11 top-tier European Leagues, pinpointing lucrative 'value bets' that set the stage for long-term profitability.


Unlike conventional models, our value betting investment strategy is low-risk, tested, and proven to deliver consistent profits over full football seasons. Backed by over 8 years of comprehensive research and transparent past results, Stats Profit offers you the key to unlocking consistent, year-on-year profits.


No more relying on opinions – at Stats Profit, success is driven by the precision of pure mathematics and probabilities. Join us on this journey to financial prosperity and experience a level of betting success that goes beyond expectations!

How It Works


Algorithm predicts the probability of a home win and identifies value bets with a strong likelihood of winning.

You receive our home win selections for the weekend & can back them using our low-risk money management strategy
You follow our value betting investment strategy to help you produce a long term profit over a football season.


Why Join?
Low Risk
Value Betting Strategy

Each home win value bet is based on a fixed 4% risk of your initial starting capital.

Average Value

​Our average strike rate is 75% and the average implied chance is 67% giving us great value per home win.

Long Term Profitability

You are looking for an additional income stream that has strong potential to produce a long term profit.


Based on an Average
Football Season

Bank Growth Over

150 Value Bets: 27%


Starting Capital: £1,000

Fixed Stakes: £40

Risk: 4%

Potential Profit: £270

(based on 50% profit share)

The content on this website is not intended for an audience under 18 years of age.

The information provided by Stats Profit is for advice purposes only. We do not accept liabilty for any losses.

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