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Using statistical modelling and our very own algorithm, we have a proven model that delivers profitability over 2 years.  

With over 6 years of success, our algorithm finds 'value' of a home win. Our 'value betting' model provides a low risk and high reward over the period of 200 matches. 


No bias, just pure mathematics and probabilities!

Pure Mathematics

6+ Years of Success

Low Risk and Proven Profits

meet the Stats Man

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E.J. Moore

The man behind Stats Profit...

E.J. Moore

Born and raised in South East London, Ewen was engrossed into sport from a young age!  It wasn't long before Ewen's mathematical flair was quite obvious to everyone around him.  Even from a young age Ewen would quickly asses the value of something from sweets, to phones & now STATS PROFIT!

As Ewen's entrepreneurial spirit began to flourish he became engrossed with  the numbers & odds surrounding top tier football matches. 

It was in 2014, when Ewen had perfected his model, which would become the Stats Profit model.  A sophisticated combination of money management and statistical modelling using his own algorithm, to find the best value in which to grow funds.

Now with over 6 years of success, Ewen is motivated to help others grow with his business, Stats Profit. 

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Low Risk

Each selection is based on a fixed risk strategy (up to 5%) of your initial starting balance.

GReaT Value WINS

Each win represents 8% value, with an average win rate of 88% and winning odds of 1.22.


A proven system that has strong potential to deliver a consistent profit EVERY 2 years.

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“Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source.”

Warren Buffet

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