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The Stats Man

Ewen Junior

Follow my advice and get Moore for your money

There's more than one way to skin a cat... 


In the world of football and predicting the outcome of a match, that is exactly how I look at it. The experts have their ways and I have mine. And when there is a positive difference in my favour… it goes towards the long term goal.

After many years creating and testing different systems in order to try to make money in football, I came to the conclusion that the only sure way to make a consistent profit, is to firstly find value in the odds being offered. Secondly, and just as important, you need to have a strong money management strategy.

In 2014, I built a statistical model and created an algorithm to help me predict the probability of a home win, and identify confident value bets in football matches. However, I wanted to collect enough data of actual results over a long period of time to be sure that my value betting strategy was profitable and sustainable. Well it surely was and continues to be, and the result are fully accessible for you to see (click here).  

From the analysis of this data, there is consistent growth over time. This can be seen over a larger number of selections across a fullfootball season, usually from August/September to May. So if you are looking for a value betting football strategy that has low risk and great potential to produce a long term profit, join our club.

My value selections are based on the following strict criteria:​

 Home win outcomes only

Weekend matches only (Saturday & Sunday)

League matches only

Main European top tier leagues

Premier League

Serie A

Ligue 1


Primeira Liga

La Liga

Scottish Premiership


 First Division A

"The best way to measure the strength and longevity of other tipping services is to multiply the win rate by the average winning odds. The higher the number, the stronger the system."

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