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Money Management Strategy


Each selection is based on a fixed 2% or 5% risk strategy of your initial starting balance, depending on product.

Five Years
Of Success

More than enough data to be confident with future predictions. It will only continue to build.

Home Wins

It’s simple and it works. Plus we have the benefit of home advantage on our side.

Proven Method
Algorithm & Statistical Modelling


It's just pure maths & probabilities here, with no room for bias or personal opinion. Let the algorithm do its work.


I will arrange Skype calls with every membership request to answer any questions and to ensure this service is right for you.

& Statistical Modelling

A unique formula for predicting selections which eliminates personal bias and opinion.

Average Profit
Every 2-3 Years


You are looking for a proven system that has strong potential to deliver a consistent profit every 2-3 years.

Fixed Odds

Football betting offers fixed odds meaning that the odds quoted are achievable and less likely to fluctuate.

Top European
Football Leagues

We focus on 11 popular European leagues that run alongside the English Premier League season.

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